Daniel Fariña

Not just a coder but a creator and dreamer.

My Current Job & Projects

I'm currently working full time for Exelon Corporation where I lead and collaborate with hundreds of people on large projects that have a positive impact for million of energy customers in the US. On my free time I work on my SASS application called Nevulas which I've been developing for a few years on my free time to further develop my skills with technologies.

About Daniel Farina

Hello! Thank you for vistiting my site. I'm Daniel Farina, an experienced and versatile Full Stack Developer/Techlead/DevOps Engineer. Not just a coder but a creator and dreamer who enjoys working with others to design and create simple solutions for difficult problems. Passionate about automation using the latest technologies and open source tools.

On a typical day I create front-end applications with VUEJS, HTML, CSS, JS, and backend systems using technologies and tools such as Nginx/Apache, ExpressJS, PHP, Laravel, MySql, Redis, NodeJS, TypeScript. At work I use primarily Microsoft Azure & Azure DevOps for infrastructure and continuous integration , testing and deployments. On my personal projects I use Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Google Cloud when necessary to deploy docker containers or configure more advanced web applications. I’m comfortable setting up development environments in Linux. Windows and MacOS. I host my code in Github and Azure Devops and setup most of my automation in Azure DevOps and Laravel Envoyer.


I've been focused on pushing DevOps practices to other teams. We setup build and release pipilines in Azure.

Infrestructure as Code

We are currently automating infrastructure with Terraform. A new environment is needed? Just commit it to the YAML configuration and terraform will take care of it.


Visit the blog to read about the latest technologies I use, code examples and tutorials.


Laravel is a PHP Framework that I'm very passionate about. I enjoy coding OOP and Eloquent ORM databases.


I've been coding PHP since I was 12 years old. PHP has come a long way and I believe it will dominate the backend developent thanks to the latest updates and technologies that work with it.


I enjoy working on the fron-end as it has a direct connection to the functions in the back-end. I enjoy working with boostrap, sass, less, jquery and some other libraries.

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