• Bitcoin Private Fork and the Power of Open Source

    Posted in Crypto Currencies on Dec 30, 2017

    This week has been one of the most exciting weeks in a long time as I joined a talented group of developers and designers lead by Rhett Creighton from MIT.

  • Laravel +Forge Maria DB/Galera Cluster+ Load Balancer + DigitalOcean for Laravel Project

    Posted in Galera, Laravel, Load Balancing, Mysql on Jun 05, 2017

    The following series is meant to show you the fastest way to get the following:

    • Part 1: MariaDB + Galera Cluster running with 3 Servers with read/write access that will automatically sync with each other.
    • Part 2: A load balancer in DigitalOcean that will Round Robin between your 3 data bases.
    • Part 3: A DNS entry in your domain name to create in order to easily reference it on your .ENV file on your laravel project.

    In order to take advantage of some of the shortcuts in the following guide you will need the following:

    • A laravel Forge Account
    • A DigitalOcean Accoun...

  • Batch Importing Records with Laravel using Laravel Excel

    Posted in Composer Packages, Laravel on Apr 06, 2016

    This article outline a fast way to import a CSV or Excel files into your Mysql database using Laravel & Laravel Excel (A composer package). This assumes you are familiar with Laravel (Controlers, Eloquent) and the composer package manager.

  • Creating a Linux Local Enviroment using Virtualbox & Vagrant

    Posted in Laravel, Vagrant on Mar 30, 2016

    There seems to be a lot of confusion on the web when it comes to creating a local laravel development enviroment in Linux. I would like to show a really fast way to get up and running. The following method was tested in Linux MInt. I will add instructions for Windows too.

    System Requirements

    • VirtualBox
      • Allows you to run virtual enviroments
    • Vagrant
      • Vagrant is a tool that will install a complete virtual development environment. (Aapache, PHP, Mysql
    • Composer (Optional)
      • PHP Package Manager)
    • nodejs (Optional)
      • Needed by Gulp which will be used to compile the frontend stuff css, js)

  • Create a new Laravel Project from scratch using Vagrant & Scotchbox in Linux.

    Posted in Composer Packages, Laravel, Vagrant on Feb 01, 2016

    This post will quickly guide you in the process of creating a new Laravel Project using Vagrant, Scotchbox & the Laravel installer.

    If you are using windows, you can run the same commands by installing Git Bash


    • Vagrant, VirtualBox & Git
    • Undertand basic git commands or know hot to copy/paste.
    • Linux or Gitbash.

    Create a new Virtual Enviroment

    Lets start with a new Laravel Project, In this case I will create a new project inside a VirtualBox enviroment using Vagrant and my favorite Box called Scotchbox.

    git clone

    web@web ~-git-tutorial01_007.png

    Navitage inside the newly ...

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