Daniel FariƱa

Not just a coder but a creator and dreamer.


About Daniel Farina

Daniel Farina is an experienced and versatile Web Developer. Not just a coder but a creator and dreamer who enjoys working with others to design and create great features and products. He is experienced front-end and back-end developer, Web Designer, Web server Administrator, Database Administrator, UX Designer.


Laravel is a PHP Framework that I'm very passionate about. I enjoy coding OOP and Eloquent ORM databases.


I've been coding PHP since I was 12 years old. PHP has come a long way and I believe it will dominate the backend developent thanks to the latest updates and technologies that work with it.


I enjoy working on the fron-end as it has a direct connection to the functions in the back-end. I enjoy working with boostrap, sass, less, jquery and some other libraries.


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