• Laravel +Forge Maria DB/Galera Cluster+ Load Balancer + DigitalOcean for Laravel Project

    Posted in Galera, Laravel, Load Balancing, Mysql on Jun 05, 2017

    The following series is meant to show you the fastest way to get the following:

    • Part 1: MariaDB + Galera Cluster running with 3 Servers with read/write access that will automatically sync with each other.
    • Part 2: A load balancer in DigitalOcean that will Round Robin between your 3 data bases.
    • Part 3: A DNS entry in your domain name to create dbloadbalancer.yoursite.com in order to easily reference it on your .ENV file on your laravel project.

    In order to take advantage of some of the shortcuts in the following guide you will need the following:

    • A laravel Forge Account
    • A DigitalOcean Accoun...

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