This post will have details about the new 3D Printer interface I'm puting together at work. It will be open source and cross-platform thanks to VUEJS and Electron.

We have a new simplified software in the making. This is meant to make things easier for new users. It's currently alpha. Code name C3D. This is not meant to replace DWC but to offer an alternative for users, specially beginners.
warning: I have only tested this with the Crane Quad but it should work fine with the Bowden and Dual. The software is currently optimized for Cranes and Promegas.

Download here:

It will include the following:

  • Queue system to reduce the number of calls to the printer when there is no response. It automatically stops calling the printer and resumes once the printer gets back to us.
  • Simpler controllers
  • Gallery of click to print models (coming soon)
  • History of Gcodes sent
  • Manage multiple printers from a single interface
  • Compatible with MACOS, Windows and Linux (Native mobile apps coming next)
  • Uses VUEJS and Electrum
  • Single click printer update
  • Custom Gcode Dashboard.

The software will be open source. The code will be published once we are out of alpha, however I think it would be a good idea to get some testers.

Here are some screenshots of it:


unknown (1).png

unknown (2).png

unknown (3).png

unknown (4).png

Posted on Jan 02, 2019

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