This post is meant to show how easy it is to get your USB Bluetooth Dongle to work on your your Macbook Pro or Hackingtosh. Note: I have two Macbook Pro and the bluetooh is broken on both of them. Sometimes I need to test hardware that is not available on regular Mac computers so a custom hardware setup gives me a bit of freedom.

  1. Buy the CSR Dual Mode Bluetooth V4.0 or similar. Mine us a Cambridge Silicon Radio bluetooth 4.0
  2. Connect it to a USB2 input on your Desktop or Laptop
  3. Register an Apple developer account or use your excisting Apple ID to login
  4. Navigate to
  5. Download the additional for Xcode 10.2 or the latest available!

  1. Download the DMG file, then navigate to "Additional Tools" and then "Hardware"!

  1. Open the "Bluetooth Explorer"
  2. The go to your menu bar and click on "Tools" and click "HCI Controller Selector"!

  1. Select your device from the dropdown meny and click "Activate". If it shows active you have then made your Bluetooth device compatible with your system!!

  1. All done


Posted on May 15, 2019

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